Cangzhou Zebang Machinery Co., Ltd.

Cangzhou Zebang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a main production and research site transportation electric vehicle, construction electric tricycle, small construction dump truck, electric flatbed, front axle steering axle, torsion damping axle, trailer axle, inertia brake traction system, Manufacturers of axle travel systems, disc brake systems, hub brake systems, two-wheel travel systems, flatbed trailer assemblies, auto parts, tire rims, axles, construction machinery and machining. The main faces are Zhejiang, Wuzhou, Jiangsu, Shandong Weifang, Gaomi, Hebei Langfang and other major cities in the country. The customer base is air compressor walking system, lighting, generator sets, all kinds of flatbed trailers. The business model is production and processing, which constantly enhances the core competitiveness of the company and enables the company to establish a good social image in its development.

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