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Engineering electric hopper truck Product parameters Dimensions 1.3m*0.7m*1m motor 48V 800W Container size 0.95M*0.7M*0.44M battery 20A maintenance free Controller 48V intelligent 6V18 tube tire model 300-8 Endurance capacity is overloaded for more than 10 hours...

Engineering electric ash truck

Product parameters

Dimensions1.3m*0.7m*1mMotor48V 800W
Cargo Size 0.95M*0.7M*0.44MBattery20A Maintenance Free
Controller48V Smart 6V18 Tubetire model300-8
Enduranceoverload for more than 10 hours

        This vehicle is the same as the electric flatbed for the construction site. Material transportation.

         However, the original ash truck has been improved, adding electric functions, making it more labor-saving to dump raw materials during use.

        With electric drive, in the complex construction environment of the construction site, the battery is designed with more durable motor, which can adapt to dust, high temperature and ruggedness. working environment.

        And the power is more economical and practical, as clean energy is currently widely used in transportation energy.

         At the same time, the material used for the body is also made of higher strength and less likely to break. Starting from many aspects, the service life of the vehicle is improved.

        In the course of use, it is necessary to carry out maintenance, maintenance, and avoid contact with corrosive transportation materials, and mainly keep dry, because it is electrically driven, so Pay special attention to moisture.