Engineering dual-card three-door tricycle

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Engineering dual-card three-door tricycle

Engineering dual card three-door tricycle Electric three-wheeled transport vehicle Product parameters Dimensions 2.35M*0.8M*1.15M Container size 1.2M*0.8M*0.4M Battery 12V220 type 4 lead acid water battery Tire model front wheel 400-12 rear double wheel 450-12 Controller 48V/60V/1500W intelligent type Endurance capacity is overloaded for more than 10 hours Product features: This product is suitable for the transportation and transportation of lime bricks on the construction site. It is suitable for anti-glare headlights, brakes and power cuts in farms, factories, gardens, etc....

Engineering dual-card three-door tricycle

Engineering dual-card three-door tricycle
electric three-wheeled transport vehicle
product parameters

Cargo size 1.2M*0.8M*0.4 M
Battery12V220 4 lead acid water battery
tire model Front wheel 400-12  Rear double wheel 450-12
Controller48V/60V/1500W Smart
EnduranceOverload for more than 10 hours

        Features: This product is suitable for construction sites Lime brick transportation and handling, suitable for farms, factories, gardens and other anti-glare headlights, brake power off, and other special electrical appliances for users to use without worry.

        This product belongs to the Small Construction Dump Truck series, which is small in size and suitable for construction sites. The construction materials are transported, and in complex working conditions, the vehicle uses a torsion-damping axle, which makes it possible to ensure smooth running and less shock when transporting heavy loads. The material on the car is not easy to fall, and when the object is turned, it is possible to avoid the uneven force of the left and right and cause the vehicle to tip over.

        Therefore, the cargo transportation is guaranteed to be stable, safe and suitable for loading. Suitable for complex environments with different working conditions.

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