Masonry Transport Little Cavalry

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Masonry Transport Little Cavalry

Masonry Transport Small Cavalry Product parameters Dimensions 1.3M*0.7M*1M motor 48V800W Container size 0.95M*0.7M*0.44M battery 20A maintenance free Controller 48V intelligent 6V18 tube tire model 300-8 Endurance capacity is overloaded for more than 10 hours...

Masonry Transport Little Cavalry

Masonry Transport Little Cavalry
Product Parameters

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Cargo size 0.95M*0.7M*0.44MBattery20A Maintenance Free
Controllertire model300-8
Enduranceoverload for more than 10 hours 

        This site electric tricycle uses two-wheeled walking The system, as a driving force, the rear wheel force is more suitable for the complex working environment of the construction site.

        The construction environment of the construction site is related to the construction, so the transportation of building materials is very wide, there are dump trucks for transporting sand, forklift trucks for transporting cement, and also Small cavalry transporting stones.

        This car is powered by electric power, so it starts fast, and there is no noise, the driver is more comfortable, during driving Because it is three rounds, it has good stability. When transporting heavy objects, its stability is fully exerted, and it is more flexible and convenient to use. It is a suitable tool for transporting stones.

        And electric power as a clean energy source is now widely advocated, using electric-driven vehicles when construction sites are long-lived and transportation materials are repeated. More in line with environmental protection and economic development conditions.

        So under the current development trend, the transportation tools of the future construction sites will be dominated by this.