The difference between steering axle, steering axle and trailer axle


        Drive Bridge
        1 The function of the drive axle transmits the driving force transmitted from the engine to the driving wheel, thereby achieving the effect of reducing the speed and increasing the twist, and changing the direction of the power transmission.

        2. The composition of the drive axle consists of the final drive, differential, half shaft, and axle housing.

        3, for FF and FR drive axle installation position, structure difference FF: clutch, transmission, final drive, differential, drive axle components are installed in In the transmission housing, located at the front of the car, power is transmitted to the front wheels. FR: The final drive, differential, and transaxle assembly are mounted in the transaxle housing at the rear of the car and power is transmitted to the rear wheels.         The steering axle
        1. Function: With steering and drive functions. It has the basic components of a general drive axle, and also has a kingpin unique to the steering axle.
        2. The structure of the steering axle is both the final drive, the differential and the half shaft of the general drive axle; it also has the steering of the general steering axle. Section housing, king pin and hub. Compared with the separate drive axle and steering axle, the difference is that the half shaft required for steering is divided into two sections, namely the inner half shaft (connected to the differential) and the outer half shaft (with the hub). Connect), the two are connected by an equal angular joint. At the same time, the main bridge is thus divided into upper and lower sections, which are respectively fixed on the spherical bearings of the universal joint. The knuckle journal is hollowed out so that the outer half shaft passes therethrough. The connecting fork of the steering knuckle is a spherical steering knuckle housing, which not only meets the needs of steering, but also adapts to the transmission force of the steering knuckle. The steering axle is widely used in all-wheel-drive off-road vehicles.       3. The working process of the steering axle drive: the main reducer and differential are installed in the middle of the bridge . The inner and outer half shafts are joined together by an isometric joint, and the ends of the outer shaft are made of a flower, which engages the half shaft flange. When the bridge is driven, the torque is transmitted from the final drive and the differential to the inner half shaft, the universal joint, the outer half shaft and the half shaft flange, and finally transmitted to the hub to drive the wheel to rotate. Steering: The steering knuckle is bolted together by the knuckle journal and the knuckle housing. Two hub bearings are mounted on the knuckle journal to support the hub; a bushing is mounted in the inner bore wall of the knuckle journal to support the outer axle. The upper and lower ends of the steering knuckle casing are respectively provided with the thickened portions of the upper and lower two king pins, and are stopped by the stopper pin. The knuckle arm is mounted on the upper end of the knuckle casing, and the lower cover is mounted on the lower end of the knuckle casing. After the grease is injected from the upper and lower nozzles, it enters the main pin center oil passage respectively, and then comes out from the two side holes to enter between the main pin and the bushing to achieve lubrication. When the car is turning, the steering straight pull rod pulls the knuckle arm to drive the knuckle to swing around the kingpin, and the steering wheel can be deflected accordingly, thereby realizing the steering of the car.
        Trailer axles

         belongs to the driven bridge. The single-bridge-driven three-axle car, the rear axle is designed to support the axle on the bridge trailer, and the rear axle that supports the bridge engine front-mounted front-drive car is also a support bridge.

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