How to maintain the electric tricycle at the site


  ;       1 ton electric three-wheeled dump truck for construction electric tricycle is also called One-ton dump trucks are driven by pure electric power. Compared with fuel transport vehicles, electric engineering vehicles consume 1 kWh of electricity and 1.5 liters of fuel for fuel transport vehicles. Consumption, electric engineering vehicles use hydraulic lifting system, which can automatically dump the goods in the car in the designated position, which not only saves manpower, but also saves a lot of time and effectively improves work efficiency. Electric transport vehicles are easy to maintain and only need to lubricate some joints. Improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and effectively increase corporate profits while reducing the physical labor of workers and reducing the work intensity of workers. The following small series gives you a detailed description of how to maintain the electric vehicle on the construction site.
        First, let’s take a look at the site electric vehicle
        Power System:

       The drive motor adopts high load and high performance DC motor, which has excellent anti-overload capability and stable power output; the engineering electric vehicle has adjustable walking speed and can keep consistent with the walking speed of the person. The driving speed is 20 km/h; the operation is very user-friendly, convenient, flexible, stable and reliable;

        Electric vehicle charging method:

  ;        Fully charged for 12 hours of continuous operation, it is recommended to use saturated charging mode to ensure the long service life of the battery, and can be charged anywhere, it is simple and convenient;

< p="">        Simple parameters:

        The length of the car is 1.35 meters and 0.7 meters wide, which is the same as the traditional trolley. The loading capacity is 0.25 cubic meters, and the maximum loading capacity is 1000KG, which is more than 3 times that of the trolley. At the same time, 2 to 3 units are installed in the building. The car adopts three-wheel design two-wheel drive, which can flexibly turn, turn, move forward and reverse in narrow spaces such as corridors, rooms and basements;

    ;     Product Design:

        The whole vehicle is designed according to the high-grade anti-shock design, the steel beam is strengthened by tooling positioning, and the tire is thickened. Nylon vacuum tires ensure that the products are durable, zero-emission and non-polluting, in line with the current green environmental protection theme.

        Speaking of how to carry out maintenance on the construction site electric car here, Xiaobian summarizes the following four points for you.

        1, when repairing electric mining vehicles, take safety measures such as braking and cover-up. If the vehicle is overhauled in the state of lifting the car, it is necessary to take effective measures such as support.

        2, after the electric mining vehicle stops, check the current meter for leakage. At the same time, check the indicators, etc., must be complete and effective.

        3, clean the vehicle, check the locking of the screws in each part, check the tires and steel rings, leaf springs, lifting ears, riding bolts, etc.

        4, check the supplemental lubricants, hydraulic oil, etc., check the leaks at the pipe joints.

        In response to the national green environmental protection call, our company's newly developed construction site electric vehicles come in handy. Green pollution-free is its greatest advantage. Bicycles are vehicles for decades. Now, electric vehicles on the construction site once again set off a wave of green travel, and the future market prospects are good.


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