Working on electric flatbed battery power


        Site Electric flatbed battery powered, motor It is a green electric vehicle for driving, vibration-free and pollution-free. It also includes transportation vehicles such as small construction dump trucks. The large flat-panel electric vehicle adopts a traction battery, which can meet the requirements of continuous discharge for a long time. The battery is normally used for two years, and the content is not reduced. The main power of large flat-panel electric vehicles comes from batteries. The batteries of electric flatbeds are lead-acid batteries. The high-power copper motors are reliable, safe and durable. The double-layer beam structure inside and outside the frame, the thickening of the beam is thick, the carrying capacity is strong, and the carriage is added. Thick, solid and durable. It is a short-distance ideal transportation tool for refractory factories, flour mills, concentrating plants, chemical plants, furnace plants, lumber mills, furniture factories and wholesale departments.
        Features of large flat-panel electric vehicles
        1, no pollution, zero emissions, energy saving and low consumption.         2, simple operation, easy maintenance, no training.
        3, large load capacity, wide range of applications.
        4, imitation automatic gear car gear design, simple operation, no training.
        5, the use of infinitely variable speed, automatic reversing, intelligent charging, overvoltage and undervoltage protection and many other high-tech.
        6, large load capacity, can meet the needs of various types of plant transportation.
        7, great power, long working hours, and small requirements for road conditions.         The construction of electric vehicles using infinitely variable speed. Automatic reversing. Intelligent charging. Overvoltage and undervoltage protection and other technologies! The car features wide and long, suitable for weight Light and bulky cargo transportation, imitation car four-wheel design, smoother use, simple operation, wide field of vision, high performance, low energy consumption, no pollution, good stability and stability, is a true green and environmentally friendly power car. The love of all industries, the car's 100-kilometer power consumption is 20% of fuel consumption, and it has become an economical, affordable and ideal transportation tool for people's lives. The above is the introduction of the electric vehicle on the construction site. If you want to know more, please consult us.



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